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Our business intelligence sales recruitment team are focused on finding the very best BI sales candidates for our corporate clients and on helping individuals to further their careers in this growing sector. If you’re an HR manager looking for the most talented specialists in Australia, our team can help you to achieve your aim. With our in-depth knowledge of this field, we’re able to match top candidates with top positions faster and more efficiently than any other recruitment team in Australia.

Sales Job Positions

What type of business intelligence positions can Pulse Recruitment fill?

Whatever level you need to hire IT sales staff at, Pulse Recruitment can help. From entry-level positions to C-suite roles, our team of specialists can find the perfect candidate for the job. We work both ways, too – we’ll also find the perfect placement for job seekers in the tech sector.

Positions we recruit for in tech include:

  • Business development managers
  • Heads of sales
  • Sales executives
  • New business sales
  • Sales directors
  • Sales managers
  • Sales coordinators
  • Sales reps
  • Sales assistants
  • Account and relationship managers
  • Marketing positions

How do I use Pulse Recruitment to find a job in tech sales?

f you’re in the business intelligence industry and a job seeker, head over to our job search page, where you can view all our available jobs. Use the filters on the left to find the right role for you! You can apply quickly and easily through ‘LinkedIn Apply’ or ‘SEEK’, alternatively, you can also make your own profile on our website and keep track of all your applications!

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What our candidates say about us

Pulse Recruitment were the reason I moved into a much better role.
They didn’t just organised the interviews, but they gave me the necessary tips and feedback I needed. Thank you!

Luis - Learning Solutions Advisor, Largest Global Training Software Company

I submitted my CV on the Pulse Recruitment website and within a short period of time I got a call from them with a job opportunity! Initially it was supposed to be a short term opportunity however the role was so well aligned with my skills and interests that I was offered a permanent position. I am so grateful to the Pulse Recruitment for their ongoing support and advice which landed me this amazing opportunity!

Zahra - Sales Support, NZ's Largest Telecommunications Company

Daniel from Pulse recruitment was by far the best recruiter I have ever dealt with. He was extremely honest – everything he told me about the companies and roles I interviewed for was consistent with my experiences and he kept me updated regularly, checking in and supporting me throughout the process. His clients also told me that they are very loyal and have only had amazing experiences with him.

Karina - Account Manager, World-Leading Apparel Technology

Great service from start to finish. Great guy. Rich helped me secure a role recently, from start to finish Rich was top notch. Couldn’t recommend working alongside Rich or one of his team any more. Listened to what I was looking for in a role and always had my best intentions from start to finish.

Stephen - Business Development Manager, Leading Provider of Data, Analytics and Insights

Patrick had great knowledge of the industry, the employer and the role, and was able to match my experience to it. I would highly recommend him. Patrick was extremely helpful throughout the application and interview process, which is a blessing for those of us that dread job interviews! Above all, Patrick was personable and down-to-earth which is a rare find in the recruitment industry. I can’t thank him enough for helping me progress in my career!

Joy - Service Delivery Manager, Telstra’s #1 Service Provider

Amazing service!! Daniel Thanks again for your help and being persistent. It took more than 2 months for the entire process but finally I got the Job. Daniel was very helpful and clear about the whole process. He made sure to always keep me posted. Daniel also gave me advice and tips for my career. In short, all 5 stars for Pulse recruitment.

Shristi – Technical Knowledge Specialist, Global Cyber Security Vendor

Personalised, genuine, thoughtful and helpful. Rich took the time to understand which opportunity was the best for me, and was honest about where I was best suited. He managed the process for me very smoothly and provided some great advice along the way on how to get the job.

Tom - Business Development Manager, Tech Start-Up Entering the Australian Market

Smooth recruitment process! Rich was always ready to give advice and find the position that was the best fit for me and the companies he is working with.

Alexandra - Sales Development Representative, Award Winning Video Interview Software

If you’re passionate about sales and seeking an opportunity within the industry, I highly recommend seeking out Patrick from Pulse Recruitment. Patrick ensured my recruitment process was seamless. A highly professional, hardworking individual that genuinely wants you to succeed!

Alex - Sales Development Representative, Global SaaS Solutions Provider

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Your perfect sales job in business intelligence is waiting for you

With specialist sales recruitment teams located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, Pulse Recruitment is plugged into the local job markets up the entire eastern seaboard of Australia and internationally. The perfect sales job for you is out there. So start the process by speaking to an experienced member of our team online, or give us a call on +61 2 9387 7005 today!