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Our business intelligence sales recruitment team are focused on finding the very best BI sales candidates for our corporate clients and on helping individuals to further their careers in this growing sector. If you’re an HR manager looking for the most talented specialists in Australia, our team can help you to achieve your aim. With our in-depth knowledge of this field, we’re able to match top candidates with top positions faster and more efficiently than any other recruitment team in Australia..

Sales Job Positions

What type of business intelligence positions can Pulse Recruitment fill?

We cover all types of positions and levels of seniority. If you want to hire business intelligence sales professionals for senior management positions or you are looking for junior sales executives who specialise in this field, we’ll find the perfect candidates for your vacancies. The positions we deal with on a regular basis include:

  • Sales Development Rep
  • Inside Sales Rep
  • Business Development Manager – Mid-Market
  • Pre-Sales
  • Product Operations
  • Sales Exec – Enterprise
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Lead
  • Sales Director
  • VP of Sales
  • Managing Director
  • Country Manager

How do I use your business intelligence sales recruitment service?

For employers, we start by putting together a detailed job brief, then planning and executing a search for qualified candidates.

How to Hire Staff
Hiring Process

How long does it take to fill a vacancy?

This depends on the exact nature of the position, but as sales specialists, we can normally find exceptional candidates for business intelligence sales jobs faster than any other agency.

Meet our leadership team

Daniel Hale

Daniel founded Pulse Recruitment in 2004 and is still a hands-on recruiter today, utilising his vast network of senior tech sales talent to gain excellent outcomes for Pulse’s clients and candidates.

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Patrick Ormsby
Senior Consultant  

Pat’s specialty is within the recruitment of tech sales professionals. Using Pulse Recruitment’s proprietary four-step process, he has secured the right match between clients and candidates year after year.

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Rich Lees

Rich Lees specialises in sales positions within the tech industry. He assists in matching and coaching the best candidates with exceptional working environments in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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Zoe Lockhart

Zoe is an experienced sales professional, passionate about providing the highest level of service. Having first-hand experience in sales allows her to understand the mindset needed to succeed and identify talent that other recruiters may miss.

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Jeemar Vilan

Jeemar’s vast knowledge and experience within the tech sales recruitment industry extends across APAC, the U.S and the UK. His love of connecting with people and networking sees him succeed in matching top talent with amazing companies.

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Tarlia Smedley
Head of Marketing  

As a metrics-driven marketing strategist, Tarlia’s projects across all facets of marketing and campaign conversions has led to a list of accolades and highly sought-after published content by some of the world’s leading media platforms.

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What our clients say about us

The things that we typically look for are high-quality candidates that come with excellent sales skills, but we are also looking for cultural fit. It is super important, which is something Pulse Recruitment really understands. I’ve actually stopped working with other recruiters. In terms of recommending Pulse Recruitment, my experience has been fantastic.

James - Regional Vice President, ANZ, Global Cloud-Based Software and Security Solutions

Pulse Recruitment has been great in understanding our needs as an organisation and bringing high calibre people for us that fit our culture with various different backgrounds. In Australia, we have doubled our team, and Pulse Recruitment has been a big part in helping us achieve our growth in Australia and the Asia-Pacific market.

Matt - Regional Vice President, #1 in Electronic Signature and Agreement Cloud

As a client, I can say that the experience has been exceptional. Only the best candidates were put forward, and I could have easily filled the role 3 times over. I’m very happy I now use Pulse exclusively.

Peter - Director of Data Centre Services, Leading ITC Managed Service Provider

Rich has great knowledge and helped us find the right candidates in a very tough market. Did a great job!

Jayson - Sales Manager Asia Pacific, World's #1 Video Interviewing Platform

Daniel is a fantastic recruiter! He understands the brief well and brings candidates with the right experience. Daniel has access to good quality candidates. I’ve hired a few candidates through him this year, and everyone turned out to be good. Big thank you to Daniel, and I highly recommend him.

Vikas - Senior Manager APAC, World's Leading Software Company

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For full details of our business intelligence sales recruitment service in Australia, please get in touch with us now: we offer a highly efficient service to both employers and job seekers in all areas of the country. We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you in the very near future.