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Overseas organisations looking to establish a presence in Australia or the Asia-Pacific use Pulse Recruitment to find the very best sales talent. As a specialist sales recruiter in Australia with specific experience in scaling start-ups for offshore employers, we are the agency of choice for companies from the US, UK, China, and many other countries across the globe. Our record of achievement in the recruitment of outstanding candidates for senior positions enables us to help overseas companies quickly build a firm foundation for their sales activities in Australia or across APAC.

Catering to businesses in a wide variety of industries, with a special focus on the tech industry, we are widely regarded as the foremost sales recruiters in Australia. We utilise our vast network of contacts and sales recruitment expertise to pinpoint individuals with the necessary drive and talent to build a new presence from the ground up. Wherever you intend to set up your base, contact us now to start the process of building your new Australian or APAC sales team.

Filling senior positions with our expert services

To get your new venture in Australia off to the best start possible or to fill a position within the APAC region, you'll need to put in place a sales management team composed of self-starting individuals with outstanding talent and plenty of motivation. Our extremely thorough recruitment process will simplify this task and ensure that you avoid the mistakes most commonly associated with such ventures.

Recruitment Experts

Market expertise

Whether you’re looking to place entry-level sales roles all the way through to members of the executive team, Pulse Recruitment will work in partnership with you to identify and deliver the best sales recruitment solution for your business. In turn, delivering increased results.

Best Sales Talent

Access to the best talent

If you want to hire a sales director in Australia or APAC, or a senior manager, we have access to the best sales talent in all areas. Our reputation as the leading sales recruiter in Australia means that top performers come to us first when they are seeking a new challenge.

Profile building experts

Profile building experts

For every vacancy we deal with, two profiles are built by our team of sales recruiters in Australia: one on your company and one on the type of individual who will be capable of meeting your needs. It is our close attention to detail in these areas that enables us to quickly identify the most promising candidates for companies from the UK, US, China and elsewhere that wish to create an effective sales presence in Australia or across APAC.

Scaling Start-Up in Australia

Leaders in scaling

Most companies start with a small presence, building on this as sales gain momentum over time. The building phase can be particularly tricky, which is where a team of experts such as those at Pulse Recruitment will prove invaluable. We can guide you throughout the scaling process, making sure that you have the talent you need at every stage.

What our clients say about us

The things that we typically look for are high-quality candidates that come with excellent sales skills, but we are also looking for cultural fit. It is super important, which is something Pulse Recruitment really understands. I’ve actually stopped working with other recruiters. In terms of recommending Pulse Recruitment, my experience has been fantastic.

James - Regional Vice President, ANZ, Global Cloud-Based Software and Security Solutions

Pulse Recruitment has been great in understanding our needs as an organisation and bringing high calibre people for us that fit our culture with various different backgrounds. In Australia, we have doubled our team, and Pulse Recruitment has been a big part in helping us achieve our growth in Australia and the Asia-Pacific market.

Matt - Regional Vice President, #1 in Electronic Signature and Agreement Cloud

As a client, I can say that the experience has been exceptional. Only the best candidates were put forward, and I could have easily filled the role 3 times over. I’m very happy I now use Pulse exclusively.

Peter - Director of Data Centre Services, Leading ITC Managed Service Provider

Rich has great knowledge and helped us find the right candidates in a very tough market. Did a great job!

Jayson - Sales Manager Asia Pacific, World's #1 Video Interviewing Platform

Daniel is a fantastic recruiter! He understands the brief well and brings candidates with the right experience. Daniel has access to good quality candidates. I’ve hired a few candidates through him this year, and everyone turned out to be good. Big thank you to Daniel, and I highly recommend him.

Vikas - Senior Manager APAC, World's Leading Software Company

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It's not just our knowledge and experience in the Australian and APAC sales market that makes us the best choice for your recruitment needs; we work with companies from across the globe and consequently have a unique insight into the working practices of organisations in the UK, US, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. A sales recruiter in Australia and the APAC region that already understands what you are looking for and has a very good idea of the way you like to work can make life a lot easier when it comes to building a new team that will fit your requirements perfectly.

You will also find that communications are a breeze when dealing with Pulse Recruitment. Cultural and linguistic misunderstandings are never a problem when you are working with a team with our level of experience in the global markets.